Secure Software Development
Startup to Enterprise Solutions
Security from A to Z
Disruptive Technologies
Automated & Manual Quality Assurance
Privacy Focussed
Our experienced team of secure software developers enables us to deliver sophisticated products and services. We help customers adapt and innovate with collaborative software development that incorporates established and emerging technologies. Our clients can range from the brilliant startup to the most demanding enterprise business. Throughout the process security and quality assurance are core principles in delivering the best to our clients.
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Cybersecurity Services
We help businesses and enterprises assess the cybersecurity of their systems and effectively manage risk with our top-of-the-line security services. Our full range of custom services cover threat assessment, vulnerability management and compliance services for both remote and on-premise systems. Moreover, we serve a wide range of industries, including finance, retail, healthcare and education.
Our security program assessment team provides you with expert insights into the risk profile of your organization. We evaluate the security technologies, security management capabilities, regulatory compliance and third-party risks. This assessment helps you gain a better understanding of your current security management infrastructure and how you can improve it.
IT Consulting Services
With our IT consulting services, businesses are able to identify their IT requirements and shortcomings. Our seasoned experts perform detailed analysis, recommend suitable solutions and implement the required technologies.
IT System Analysis
  • Software Analysis
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
Strategic Planning
  • IT Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Product Specifications
Performance Management
  • Software Tests
  • System Maintenance
Agile Consulting
The Agile method is an iterative and collaborative process for transformation. It goes beyond software development where it is widely used. We collaborate with our clients throughout the process and use industry standards for Agile to deliver small-scale and company-wide services.
Information Security
Security of company data has become a critical issue with the exponential increase in digital services and online transactions. Besides analyzing system vulnerabilities, we also help our clients secure access to data with custom-made identity verification and data storage solutions.
DevOps Services
DevOPS are practices that automate the process between software development and operations. Connecting these two historically-separate departments decreases lead-time, increases work quality, improves management of planned and unplanned work.
Our specialist IT consultants will help you modernize and manage your business. Following industry best practices, we design suitable short-term to long-term strategies, optimize the technical, operational and promotional aspects of businesses. We are well-versed in the implementation of digital technologies, including disruptive technologies, such as complex cloud computing, machine learning, blockchain tech and automation.
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